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ENDURANCE : Integral Part of a Fit Body

Endurance is the ability of any living being to perform work and remain active for a long

period of time while developing an ability to make itself immune to all the diseases, fatigue,

wounds etc. It is also making the recovery process from any injury faster, thereby it is the

key factor in fitness.

Endurance plays a vital role in any sportsman’s life to keep his body intact with all the fitness requirements of any sports. To master any sports, longevity to compete in that sports constantly for a longer period of time is necessary. The longer you dominate that field, the greater legacy you can leave behind in that field. All of this comes with better endurance

But how do you improve on the endurance then?

First of lets understand two types of :

1) Aerobic Endurance – It is all about your cardiovascular fitness. It directly affects your

body’s ability to provide right level of oxygen whenever needed, say while doing

exercise, gym or playing any sport. Maintaining a good level of aerobic endurance is

important – not just for athletes but day to day activities also. Training aerobic

endurance trains your heart muscle to cope with all the oxygen requirements.

2) Anaerobic Endurance – Anaerobic endurance is about physical improvements of

muscles where body finds a way to provide energy to power your muscles as a

substitute to oxygen. It is generally at a higher intensity than aerobic endurance.

A marathon or 1000-meter run is a good example of how aerobic and anaerobic endurance

both are important for us. In the start you need energy and consistency while managing

your oxygen levels whereas near the end you need a quick sprint in order to win the race.

“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into Glory.” - William Barclay

In order to improve endurance training your body in the form of exercises such as Running,

Muscle training, High intensity interval training (HIIT) is required to improve your endurance

levels in order to keep yourself fit. Endurance testing is also equally important to constantly

keep pushing your body to a higher level while assessing the results of your progress. It

ensures that our system runs smoothly without any failures or load while performing for

longer periods of time.

Thus, endurance is an important factor for not just any sport but daily conditioning of body

in order to stay healthy. If consistency is the key to achieve success in fitness, then

Endurance is a means to achieve that key.

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