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FITNESS : Part & Parcel of Life

SPORTS – Sports consists of combination of Fitness, Psychology/Mindset and Skills. If you

master all three, then you can master the sport. All the three factors differ based on different

sports, however all three are equally important for any sport.

First factor which is the most important in order to take part in any sports is fitness. Physical

fitness is the state of health and wellbeing. But more specifically it is the ability to perform

the aspects of sports, and to a greater extent the daily activities for human being.

Fitness is achieved by a balance between proper nutrition, equally vigorous exercise and

sufficient rest along with proper recovery plan. A well round fitness program improves a person in all aspects of fitness compared to practicing only one, such as only cardio/respiratory or only weight training. We also need to note that mental, social and emotional health have an equally important part in building the overall fitness.

Fitness programs differs for different age groups depending on their health-related needs.

Physical fitness can help us overcome various health-chronic diseases which might have been caused as a result of unhealthy lifestyle or ageing. As a result, we can conclude that fitness is important irrespective of age of any human being for sports.

Fitness program depending on age group:

a) Years 0 – 18:

Fitness program for Children focusses on developing motor skills, knowledge of

physical education and sports skills. These are implemented and evaluated in a

progressive and developmentally appropriate manner. Primary education on Sports

and fitness is important as appropriate physical fitness education provided at a young

age is equivalent to laying a strong foundation of a building.

b) Years 18 – 65:

Once the foundation stage is passed through, the teenager enters the adult stage. Here

with the help of all the knowledge about physical fitness one can concentrate on

fitness related to any sport and on the exercises beneficial to help build physical

capacity required for those sports. Conditioning and growth are the main factors of

physical fitness in this stage. It is the stage of attaining the peak of your fit body.

c) Years 65 onwards:

Basic goal of being physically fit in older adults is simply to have physical capacity to

perform daily tasks safely, independently and without undue fatigue. Daily exercise

and fitness programs will help the aged people to overcome health-chronic diseases.

A comparatively fit body in the earlier stages of life will help you sustain in the older

stage of life. Exercise designed specifically for each individual depending upon the

age of person is necessary in this stage

“Fitness is not being better than someone else, rather its being better than you used to be.”

Benefits of Fitness:

Fitness is at the soul for performing any physical sports successfully. Thus all the successful

sportsmen take fitness seriously and undertake all the necessary measures to keep themselves fully fit.

There are a lot of benefits of physical fitness:

i) Increased Energy – helps to keep you motivated and full of energy throughout the


ii) Flexibility - Improves the body posture and makes body muscles more flexible

iii) Injury Prevention - Fit body is always injury averse and makes it less likely to get

injured during any physical activity

iv) Reduced risk of Disease - Regular physical activity reduces risk of heart diseases,

cancer, diabetes, etc. If you don’t have regular physical activity, you’re more

prone to chronic diseases

v) Helps in your Health and Brain Memory - Physical activity keeps your brain

healthy as well by increasing new brain cell growth and improves your memory as


Thus, physical fitness is important for everyone regardless of age, physical health, weight, or

the type of sports you play. Physical fitness lies at the heart of any sports. If you follow

appropriate physical exercise along with proper nutrition you will definitely be healthier and

happier in your day to day life as well.

In the upcoming thread of blogs, we’ll help you get hold on sufficient information about Fitness and all the related aspects which play an equally important role in a sportsman’s life. Information on appropriate nutrition is already provided in previous blogs. Stay tuned on Kridaz platform and establish your vision on a great sports career.

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